It Turns Out I was Unexpectedly… Transformed

It is always interesting when you are learning about something – anything! – and all of a sudden something completely different hits you.  I recently had one of these experiences while reading about transformative learning.

About four years ago I allowed a complete upheaval in my life.  I realized I was not living the life I wanted.  I was not being the woman my beloved mother raised me to be.  I realized that to truly live, I had to make major changes in my life.  I had to take risks. I could no longer go the path of least resistance.

While these changes were difficult, I now recognize them for what they were: I was going through transformative learning.  And, just as the name implies, the resulting changes transformed me.  I am now living a life I am proud of.  I am being the strong, courageous, loving, and kind woman my mother raised me to be.  And I am fulfilled, at peace, and happy.

Are things always easy?  No. But isn’t that just… life?


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