Cognitivism and My Beliefs

I am definitely a proponent of cognitivism.  I fully agree that learners are capable of processing information, using prior knowledge to enhance current understanding, and bridge gaps in information.  I guess what I find most surprising is that cognitivism grew out of behaviorism.  While I completely understand the how, I am surprised that behaviorism was the prominent theory for humans at all.  So I suppose it should not be surprising then, that cognitivism arose from something I believe is more focused on humans’–and others’–more base natures.

Cognitivism’s belief that learning is within the learner and that the brain actively organizes information and that prior knowledge is an important component of learning is completely in line with my own beliefs.  I remember visiting a number of schools when my daughter was applying to private primary schools.  One of my most important considerations was finding a school that taught her how to learn, but not what to learn.  Little did I know then that the beliefs I was adhering to were cognitivist.  I just knew that’s what I wanted for my daughter.


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