Wow. Just WOW!

How do I do this?  I do it all the time!  Once again, I signed up for more than my share of group work (in a different class–not the one that I started this blog for!).  I am trying to understand myself. Am I a high achiever?  Yes.  Do I care?  Yes.  Do I need to control group assignments?  Uhhhhh… I’m not sure.  I do consider myself a “recovering perfectionist” so maybe that’s the answer.

So far, I have worked with amazing people in my courses during grad school. But! I have been burned before, in other programs. Fellow team members dropping classes at the last possible moment just in case they didn’t get an A+ on a group assignment because their grades in other courses put them at risk of being kicked out of the program. Did I cause that?  No.  Team members realizing that the two members of the team who really cared would make up for their lack of productivity?  To that, I call laziness.  Is this what I am experiencing here at UMass – Boston? No.  Yet I still get concerned.

I am generally a positive person. I believe in people. I believe in their motivations.  But now, I am concerned, and I wonder why I always take on more than my share of responsibility.  I hope, with all my heart, that I am able to write in a later post that all that concern is for naught.


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