Oh, The Places (I’ll) Go!

Recently I have been thinking about what I want to do with my M.Ed in Instructional Design.  Obviously, I want to work in the field, but what else? There are so many opportunities!

With my communications, writing, and editing background, perhaps I will expand this blog and submit articles to ID journals.  But I also enjoy people.  Maybe I will end up teaching at seminars or a university.  Also, I could become a mentor to someone just starting out in the field.  I have diverse interests, so perhaps I will do contract work that allows me to work on a variety of projects.  Or, I may possibly end up a Subject Matter Expert in the ID field itself.

While I do know I will do something with my graduate degree, I am just starting to consider the possibilities.  Who knows the places I’ll go, but wherever that ends up being, like the title of this blog, it is sure to be an adventure!


One thought on “Oh, The Places (I’ll) Go!

  1. I found your post to be refreshing and enjoyable. I am currently pursuing my Master’s in Instructional Design of Online Learning. Currently, I do not work in the IDOL field but, I am trying to contact as many designers as possible to learn from as many perspectives as possible. As I pursue this degree, I am learning that IDOL has so many different avenues that one can pursue. In the beginning, I thought the program was purely designed to help build a curriculum for K- 12 or Blackboard learning systems. But I have learned that there are so many other options. You mentioned that you were interested in being a “Subject Matter Expert”. Could you elaborate on the details of the content of that particular career? It sounds interesting.

    Currently, I work in Higher Education as a Financial Aid Coordinator at a local community college. So, I am looking for ways to either get into the IDOL field or trying to figure out how I can use the knowledge I am gaining to assist with my current position. It would be great if you could share your current and previous experiences so I could hear first hand from someone just starting out in the field of instructional design.



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