That Dreaded Phrase…

Growing up, I had a lot of negative associations with change.  My sister and I would groan every time we heard that dreaded phrase… “It’s a good experience!”  Back then, that phrase meant change was coming and it was going to be difficult.

Now, as an adult, I see things differently.  I welcome positive change and even seek it out.  I enjoy stability in certain areas such as happy, fulfilling relationships with friends and family, but enjoy new adventures, too.  In fact, each new thing you do, on some level, is change!  Going to a new restaurant is a change from going to your usual spots.  Meeting new people is a change from staying in your “safe zone” with long-time friends. Developing your mind by taking a course is a change from continuing to do the same activities day in and day out.

Changes can be big or small, but I am happy I now recognize that most change is positive.


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