Adult Learning for the Elderly

When reviewing my classmates’ discussion posts about generations in the workplace, I saw a post about the elderly.  This post got me thinking: Would actively seeking new learning experiences for the elderly decrease the number and severity of memory-related degeneration?

My 87 year old step-father has taken courses in his twilight years.  My 77 year old father has retired from practicing medicine but continues to teach.  Both of my “fathers” continue to be sharp as tacks, and I wonder if a continued focus on lifelong learning–as a learner or a teacher–is part of the reason.

I consider myself a lifelong learner.  My interests are varied and my thirst for knowledge is… thirsty! As I learn more about andragogy, I intend to further investigate the benefits of adult education for the elderly.  And if my initial theory proves correct, I hope my findings benefit the elderly, my friends and family, and myself.


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